1AV Capture 1.9.8

With 1AVCapture you can capture images from your desktop or webcam or TV tuner card, record narrated tutorials, record videos from inside browsers, record your voice, record your favorite music tunes from the web, record your favorite TV programs, record videos from your webcam. With 1AVCapture you can capture and record audio and video from all audio and video sources you have available on your PC.
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be able to highlight sections of the screen

Have hotkeys that can: 1) Graphically "ping" the cursor, drawing the viewer's focus to where the cursor is on the screen 2) Graphically highlight when the mouse has been clicked. 3) Zoom the current window section to a certain resolution (like...
Daniel Bragg, 19.07.2016, 16:24
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record videos from websites including audio

The option to record video from websites including audio, not audio from a microphone or other external source, is the only thing I really wanted to do with this product. Unfortunately, that option is not offered in the free giveawayoftheday version.
Carol Bachelu, 20.07.2016, 02:11
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be able to record sound from the sound card

I would like to be able to record sound from the sound card instead of from the mic while recording videos and webinars so that I have a clean recording without any background noise.
Ken K, 19.07.2016, 22:40